Corrosion Engineer

Company Name:
Placement Services USA, Inc.
Under the direction of a Project Manager, design and specification of materials for cathodic protection systems including impressed current and galvanic anode systems for pipelines and other metallic structures.
Use of industry standard calculations for design
Cathodic protection system design decisions for design of a vertical groundbed vs. a horizontal groundbed.
Use of industry standard calculations differentiating between groundbeds for galvanic anode systems.
Supports field staff involved in testing and installation.
Maintains technical knowledge in this field.
This position requires only incidental domestic travel to clients' field facilities to meet with on-site client staff
2 years corrosion experience and Bachelor's Degree in Materials Engineering.
Please send us your resume via email at with reference #644001 in the subject line. Do not copy and paste your resume in the body email. Please attach it as a Word document. Thank you.

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